Call for papers to EGOS on The Role of Organizing in Extreme Contexts

Please find a Call for papers to the EGOS sub-theme on “The Role of Organizing in Extreme Contexts”.

A look at last week’s headlines suggests that the extreme might become the new normal: Dorian’s ravaging of the Bahamas and the Amazon on fire, failing peace talks between Trump’s administration and the Taliban, fractious infighting in “the mother of all parliaments” and likelihood of a no deal Brexit, and the resurgence of a powerful anti-gay lobby in Eastern Europe and elsewhere are but the latest in a series of unsettling changes: in weather patterns, in local and global politics, in the “othering” of LGBTQI+ and ethnic minorities.

This sub-theme is designed to explore our own place and work in such contexts. We hope that you will consider contributing to the theme and that will join us in advancing conversations on the role and importance of organizing in extreme contexts. For your convenience, we attach the text and the link below.

Link to sub-theme:

The sub-theme is the first of four sub-themes arranged within the “Organizing in and for Extreme Contexts” Standing Working Group ( Take the opportunity and join the conversation from the start!

Hope to see you in Hamburg!

/Markus Hällgren, Kathleen Sutcliffe & Mark de Rond If you have any questions, please email

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