Third workshop on Extreme contexts hosted at University of Paris – Sorbonne

The third workshop on Extreme contexts was hosted by University of Paris – Sorbonne on the 19-20th of October, 2017. The workshop was organized by  Genevieve Musca, Université Paris Ouest, Nanterre la Defence & Frederique Gautier, Sorbonne, Paris, Linda Rouleau at HEC Montreal, and Markus Hällgren at Umeå university. The workshop gathered a group of 37 interdisciplinary international scholars with a interest in a wide a variety of topics. True to the workshop format the two days were filled with paper presentations and master classes.

Second workshop on research related to extreme contexts arranged

The second workshop arranged by the Organizing Extreme Contexts network was hosted at Umeå university 28-29th of January, 2016. The theme was “Strategizing and Organizing in Extreme Contexts”. The workshop was organized by Markus Hällgren, Umeå university, Linda Rouleau at HEC Montreal and Daniel Geiger, University of Hamburg. The workshop gathered 35 international and interdisciplinary scholars interested in research on extreme contexts. The two days were filled with a variety of activities including paper discussions and lively master classes. Master classes included how to publish research on Extreme contexts, the use of fiction in research on extreme contexts, methodological access challenges of extreme context research.

A experimental methods workshop related to extreme contexts is arranged at Umeå University

Extreme contexts is not necessarily the easiest environment to study and often it require some methodological ingenuity. This was also the theme for the small workshop on experimental methods. Methods such as visual methodologies, walking seminars and meditation was explored for two days. The workshop was hosted by the research group TripleED ( The workshop took place xx-xx, 2015.

The first workshop on Organizing in Extreme contexts is arranged at HEC Montreal

In 2014 the first workshop on Organizing in Extreme contexts was arranged at HEC Montreal. About 40 interdisciplinary scholars gathered between 15-16th of October. The theme of the workshop was “Strategizing and Organizing in Extreme Contexts”. The workshop organized together with Linda Rouleau at HEC Montreal, Viviane Sergi at UQAM and Genevieve Musca at Université Paris Ouest, Nanterre la Defence. Gathered 40 interdisciplinary and international scholars to discuss issues related to extreme contexts in animated sessions mixed with master classes on a diverse set of topics.