SPECIAL ISSUE: Maynard et al – Teamwork in extreme environments: Lessons, challenges, and opportunities

Special issue in Journal of Organizational Behavior!
Given the numerous calls for researchers to examine teams in
the wild to better understand the impact of context on team
dynamics and performance, there has been increased consid-
eration of teams operating within extreme environments. As
such, this special issue is focused on better understanding
the factors that shape teamwork in extreme environments so
that the lessons learned can be leveraged within extreme as
well as in other team contexts as appropriate. To this end,
we present five exemplar papers that span disciplines, address
diverse research questions in unique samples, and employ var-
ied methodologies and research designs. Each of these papers
not only contributes new insights to the understanding of
teams in extreme environments (i.e., lessons) but also high-
lights the challenges that exist in conducting research in such
contexts and sets the stage for additional opportunities within
the extreme team literature moving forward.

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