Extreme contexts virtual workshop series

Are you a scholar interested in extreme context research (ECR)? If so, we invite you to the Organizing in Extreme Contexts virtual workshop series! The purpose of the workshop series is to bring together the community of extreme context researchers on a recurrent basis throughout the year. Extreme context research has been an international and interdisciplinary effort among scholars interested in organizing in contexts that have potential to cause severe physical, psychological, or material harm to participants or those in close psychosocial proximity to them (Hällgren, Rouleau, & de Rond, 2018). The ongoing workshop series will allow those of us interested in ECR to connect with each other, to stay up-to-date with the latest research through presentations and discussion, and to get ideas and feedback for empirical or theoretical studies.

The theme of the workshops will vary, Suggested themes and presenters are most welcome. Please email markus.hallgren (at) umu.se for suggestions.

Future workshops in the series could respond to current events of interest to ECR (e.g., natural or industrial disasters, emerging high-risk technologies) as well as research approaches (e.g., methodology and publishing in ECR).

Organizers and contact information:

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