Second Extreme Contexts virtual seminar done!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of discussing with Steffen Farny, Mark de Rond and Ann Langley and their thoughts on Methodology and Extreme Contexts. We were 73 participants from all over the world and walks of life. The discussions were wide-ranging and hard to make justice in a small space, but it included the importance of not viewing the extreme contexts as a theory but rather as a springboard for further theorizing. A means to an end if one will. Another point that was clearly addressed is the importance of emotions and affective responses in extreme contexts, among the studied and the researcher alike. Thank you, Steffen Mark and Ann, for taking the time to contribute to the community. It is really appreciated and such a wonderful opportunity to listen and discuss with wise people like yourself. Thank you to all the participants, too, for all your lovely and wise thoughts on the topics. This is what makes academia so fun and interesting! Keep it up!

We will return with information about the third workshop!

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